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How to Identify and Evaluate Environmental Aspects and Impacts


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Well an aspect can be an impact under certain conditions and an impact can become an aspect. It's all a matter of inputs and outputs.

The approach can be systemic and abstract at the same time. What is truly required (in my most humble opinion) when it comes to the A&I process is a balanced scientific and 'what if' way of thinking (lets get out of the box occasionally). No approach is truly perfect and no single approach is any better that any other. It all boils down the what is the most effective method for each individual organization/system to address what they have, what they do, what they make or provide that can have some type of effect upon the defined environment whether it be positive or negative.

Personally I don't care, my favorite one is whatever works at the time for someone.

Now when it comes to the determination of significance I am a firm and unwavering believer in the "Chicken Bone Method":soap:


I agree.

Goals must be achieved, no matter what method or how many persons (expertise, anyone on the floor) it may take to be involved. (I'm aware of efficiency).

Friends already at work told me, pratice is sometimes indeed far from the theory books at college.


By the way any example you have to show how you controlled the impact for the one with higher chemical operating

I will appreciate your feedback in this respect.

Thank you:lol:


When I finish the case-study, some of my findings will be posted here.

What I've done allready: presentation of the PVC sector as a whole; European White paper on PVC, aspects and impacts of the PVC compounding (Swedish study); LCA & PVC.

Now I'm making a checklist for the company, based on the national (Belgium) regulations. The evaluation with the boss will filter some care issues to be taken in the environmental declaration. (Part of the standard)

By then it's time to make some suggestions on the improvement of everyday Environmental care with respect to some parts of the standard. (Depends on the legal gap analysis and the wishes of the management.


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sodaz said:
BTW, the color codes correspond with the attached risk assessment matrix.

Whoa Nelly Bozo!!!!!!!!!!

Can I use both of your tables as examples? Have you done this with all of your processes?

This stuff is good, and YES, you are on the right track.:agree1: :applause:


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sodaz, very nicely done! very intuitive and easy for everyone to grasp. I like that you put the whole process of ranking into a very visual format, instead of just saying, well, that is critical but rare.

Welcome to the Cove!


Thanks for the feedback Randy and SteelMaiden! :thanx:

Phew...Thank god i'm not heading in the wrong direction.

Is there anything I can improve on? Yes, I've already
done this for all the processes. I'm sure they'll be many
revisions over time so I also need to get document
control measures in place.

Randy, you can definitely use my tables as examples if
they're of any help.

Thanks again guys! ;)


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They are very nice and well defined...along with color coding. Looks like well thought out work to me.

have you done this for safety as well?
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