How to justify this High %Tolerance


I ran a GRR with 29 parts * 3 Operators * 3 times a part = 261 measurements.
Im trying to qualify the measurement program on a part that is malleable and easily influenced.

How to justify this High %Tolerance

How to justify this High %Tolerance

We have a cap at 30% but 10-30 needs a justification that I cant really explain.
Any help on explaining the metrics would be appreciated.


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You can make some improvement by studying the repeatability issues experienced by Operator AR (see R chart by Operator). Your justification is what you stated about the parts being malleable and easily influenced. You did not state the type of gaging used. With malleable parts, have you looked at vision type gaging?


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...or oversizing the gage contact area so that pressure is minimized/reduced?
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