How to make a Sampling Plan - Conveyor belts

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My company manufactures conveyor belts
we get belts from different suppliers and fabricate them.

1) How to make a sampling plan for that?
Description : We get belts from suppliers like 180 ft rolls ( Extruded ). I have to make a sampling plan for checking width, thickness, pitch of belts.
What should be AQL, alpha, Beta?

2) If it's going to be a destructive testing, how to prepare sampling plan for that.
Description: Supplier sends 1300 ft belt cut in to 100ft, 130ft based on customer requirements. We are trying to test coefficient of thermal expansion, stiffness of belt where we have to cut samples from the belt and use machines like UTM. It is going to cost us alot. So what is the best way to make a sampling plan?

Thanks in advance!!!

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Good day ShadowThe, I am sorry about the delay in this response.

Sampling plans are for lots or continuous runs of same product. I did not see how many of these conveyor belts you produce in a lot or run.

There is a similar thread on destructive test sampling here. Please also note similar threads listed at the bottom of this page and the one I have linked for you.
Hey Jen,
Thanks for the reply.
We get belts from supplier like 1000 ft in length.
We cut and fabricate according to customer's specifications.


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Hi ShadowThe

Interesting question, a little more information may help people answer you. Are you looking at goods inwards inspection testing pre-manufactuer or post-production once you have "manufactured" your product from the bulk supplied to you?

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