How to make sense of IATF 16949 Product Safety


Hi !

We are in the automotive electronics and supply advanced electronics systems with embedded sw, PCB'S and mechanical parts to the major Truck OEM's. We have ISOTS today and will transition to IATF.

We already have legal and safety related requirements on our products stipulated by our customer and environmental requirements managed via our requirement management process to design to FMEA's, critical characteristics etc

So what is the difference between ISOTS and IATF?


After this 2016 revision TS16949:2009 will be called a IATF16949:2016 , IATF - International Automotive Task Force.

Product Safety character is again a critical character you will deal with FMEA-> Control Plan -> Work instruction ..... but with a enhanced control , obviously with top severity rating.

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