How to meet the requirements of Environmental Conditions in a Laboratory

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miles ross

We are a test laboratory looking to be ISO 17025 in various mechanical tests (let's just say Rockwell hardness testing and tensile testing for the purposes of the post).

My question is about section 5.3.2, we have a calibrated measurement of temperature and humidity (it is not currently recorded along with the test, but that is an "easy" change to make), the last part of the requirement which states
"tests and calibrations shall be stopped when the environmental conditions jeopardize the results of the tests and/or calibrations" (There's the shall for you shall Nazis :lmao:)

The lab is temperature and humidity controlled, within reason. The fact of the matter is any minor temperature and humidity change is not going to have any reasonable affect on the testing. Do I need to post some type of sign out in the lab saying, "If the environmental conditions jeopardize the results of the tests, discontinue testing," or can I just put in the quality manual that the tests are performed in a controlled environment and due to the nature of the testing no notable difference would occur if there were a large change in environmental conditions...unless the lab would still be operational at 140 F :lmao:.
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