How to receive EASA approval for removing of engine QEC Kit



Dear All,

I would like to ask you for help.
Could you please express your opionion how to receive EASA approval for removing of QEC Kit from engine V2500 and after inspection recertify the full kit?

I am working for the company which has A1 approval for A320 (V2500 engines) and B1 category only for installation of QEC Kit. We would like to extend our approval for the following activity:

After removal of engine (with QEC) done by our maintenance team, we would like to tear down engine (before "overhaul visit" ) means separate the QEC Kit and certify the QEC Kit. The aim is to install the Kit on diffrent bare engine.

My question is: Is it allowed to issue EASA Form 1 for all QEC Kit. If the Kit which need to be recertify was not bought (swapping process during engine change) can we give Part No. for the Kit, what about Serial No.? Is it also required?

Is anybody experienced in process of QEC Kit maintenance?
Thank you in advance.
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