How to report Basic Dimensions on a Dimensional Report (ISIR)

Thomas Dorner

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Hi all,

we have trouble with reporting basic dimensions in an ISIR or Dimensional report.

Is there a way for reporting basic dimensions and FCF (Feature Control Frames) and their tolerances that is common. I am not able to find a distinct way to show results on a report.

What I learned so far: Basic Dimensions have no tolerance they are related to a FCF.

Please give me some advise or some tutorial on hand that's shows how others do their reports or how its done right.


David DeLong

Re: How to report Basic Dimensions (ISIR)

I would report a 10 mm basic (as an example) as 10 mm. If the person reading the report does not understand, then they need to take a GD&T course.

Basic dimensions are theoretical dimensions and the tolerances are shown in the feature control frames. Sometimes basic dimensions define an area so, again, just state under "Actual" the basic dimension.

Hope this helps.


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Re: How to report Basic Dimensions (ISIR)

On my AS9102 forms, I put the word "Basic" were I would put the tolerance. This removes the question marks of 'what is the tolerance' and still says that it is a basic dimension.

Thomas Dorner

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Thanks to all of you,:bigwave:

I like the idea to put the word "Basic" into the tolerance field. I think I will try and will find out what our customer thinks about it. It looks like they are not so sure either.

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