How to satisfy the "Interested Party" Management Review Requirement


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I am looking for advice on how to satisfy the "interested party" in ISO 9001 section 9.3.2 subsection c and what types of objective evidence I can use.

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Maybe look at it like the quality policy.

Maybe have documented info who they are and a spot in the management review to look at the form for any changes.


Did you identify any "interested parties" in section 4.2? If you did you may want to reference back to them. If you didn't then you may want to consider who they are and what documented info could be gathered to capture their feedback.


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You have to identify needs and expectations of interested parties.
Eg. Customer need is to follow AIAG PPAP4th editon manual

If it is met, you can consider they are satisfied.

Apart from that data such as complaints from interested parties, etc. can be collected and monitored to check whether they are satisfied or not.

And 9.3.2 C.1 requires to monitor customer satisfaction only. Feedback (complaints/suggestions) are to be monitored from interested parties.

You can maintain a complain/suggestion register / suggestion box or any forum where interested parties can give suggestions or register complaints.

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