How to systemically improve product quality in short-term and long-term basis?



How you would systematically improve the quality of the product to a point where you can fully assure quality straight from the customer for short and long term plan? :rolleyes:

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from your other post I believe that you have a subcontractor that is unable to meet your current quality requirements and you are looking for advice on how to help them deliver to your requirements?

My recommendations are that an inspection can help in the short term. you might want to try developing sample size based on both an acceptable rate and a rejectable rate as these tend to be more effective. You can find a sample plan generator for this here. You might consider doing the inspection with the supplier at the supplier's location - not to punish them but to collaborate with them in solving the Problems.

Keep in mind that sampling plans are not all that effective at protecting you from defects. What they really do is to help identify the defects and relative occurrence rates so that you can prioritize the next steps. But the really important thing is to understand the homogeneity of the defects; this is far more critical than the defect rate itself. are the defects random throughout the lot or are they clustered near some change point (setup/beginning, material or process setting changes, environmental changes etc.). if they are random, acceptance sampling might help but if they are clustered acceptance sampling is unlikely to help as it is supposed to be random. if Clustered however, you are in a much better position since you can target your inspection and take much faster corrective actions. This also provides great clues as to the causes so that you can develop permanent solutions and controls that prevent the recurrence of the defects

hope this helps.
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