How to use the Standard Error and how to set the error limits?


Engr. Rehman

We are working on FAMI-QS standard and it requires
The adequacy of these techniques shall be demonstrated: a. standard error shall be calculated and documented b. standard error must be of an appropriate level to ensure feed safety exceeding standard error and trends shall be monitored d. corrective actions shall be specified in the event of a breach of error limits.

I know how to calculated standard error but what to do next?

Bev D

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I am not familiar with FAMI-QS but it sounds like they want you to calculate the observed variation in the means and then ensure that future lots (?) don't exceed that standard error . It also appears that they want to ensure that the standard error is not too large...I've seen similar approaches with some Agriculture testing labs. (these are generally very old-fashioned approaches that aren't very statistically or scientifically rational by the way)


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From the FAMI-QS website. It appears to have a similar intent to that of ISO 9001's Analysis of Data.


  • How to use the Standard Error and how to set the error limits?
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