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How to write an EASA 145 Quality Manual




Hello, gentlemen

My company will apply for the EASA Part 145 certificate. now, our company is writing MOE. Next, we will write quality manual. I want to know whether it is any user guide for writing quality manual?

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Hi Wanglin

There is a sample document on the UK CAA website. Just search for "anybody's maintenance organisation exposition" on your search engine and it should be the first link.

Also make sure you download the AMC/GM Part 145 if you haven't already. This gives guidance on how to meet the requirements of EASA Part 145 in (relatively) plain english.

Good luck!


Hey Wanglin,

first of all your company has to apply for the EASA approval. Then I guess it makes sense to visit the EASA in Cologne for a personal meet and greet. The EASA normally gives you a lot of advice and points out things to avoid etcetera.

What kind of aircraft or components do you maintain and where are you based?

Good luck with your approval,
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