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Qp Procedures For Training - Ojt/in-house


Just to introduce myself, I am working in the HR dept. I'm at a loss to writing the procedures for HR QP for training - OJT / in-house and employee motivation & empowerment. Wud appreciate if anyone can help?


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Hi Tsunami9sg, welcome to the cove! :bigwave:

What standard are you working towards? ISO 9001 or some other standard? From what you posted, it sounds like maybe you are trying to meet the requirements of TS 16949...


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I got your email yesterday stating that it's for TS 16949. Here's a thread that will probably be a good starting point: Employee Motivation and Empowerment Procedure
It may answer some of your questions. If not, post more specifics and someone will probably be able to help.

I'm attaching a training procedure that was developed for an ISO 9001:2000 company. It wont have the specifics of TS 16949, but should at least give you an example of a starting point.


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Hi howste,

The attached file is great. Thanks for posting.

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