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Human resource Management - QS9000 or ISO9000 have not addressed


Ram narayan

For effective implementation of any system requirements, Human resource Management is very vital. After all, these systems have to be followed by the people working for the effective implementation. Without proper motivation of the people I don't think that any system will be effective.

But I am surprised that why QS9000 or ISO9000 have not addressed the Human resource Management as a part of the system requirement. By systems for HRM, I mean systems for motivation, Performance appraisal etc.. Only a portion of HRM ie.. Training if addressed as mandatory in QS9000 or ISO9000 requirement. Why is it that these systems are not taking anything about Human resource Management?

Christian Lupo

I agree with your viewpoints concerning human resource management and it's importance to the business/quality system.

However I think QS-9000 has addressed human resource management as it requires companies that are certified to evaluate training effectiveness, requires employee empowerment (almost see note in 3rd edition of QS-9000 sec 4.1), and suggests employee satisfaction as a continuous improvement opportunity.

It has been my experience as an QS-9000 certified auditor and quality manager that the human resources departments are generally very resistant to QS-9000 and quality systems (engineering is first).

Ram narayan

Even though QS9000 has stated training effectiveness monitoring and employee satisfaction (internal customers) as one of the requirements, I want to know how as an auditor one can audit the effectiveness of these requirements. I haven't come across a single situation where auditors have not certified the company because of lack of employee satisfaction, lack of involvement in the implementation or lack of Management commitment.
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