Humans Settled In North America 24,000 Years Ago


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Interesting that our local predecessors used horses for meat, but never did catch on to domesticating them for riding. At least not that left any evidence of it ...

And all those pictoglyphs that survived to today - Iron oxide based paints.


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I still find the pyramids of Egypt amazing, but things like the various cave paintings are amazing. Archaeologists in South Africa have found that the pigment ocher was used in caves 164,000 years ago.


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The Cosquer Cave in France is unique. The entrance is approximately 117 feet below water. It would only have been accessible during an ice age, and the paintings have been dated from 19,000 to 27,000 years ago. It also has a large percentage of marine animal paintings which are extremely rare in cave paintings.


Cave paintings - the original Documented information asked for in clause 7.5 of the 9001:2015 standard


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Yeah, I've always wondered how the timeframe the religious proponents came up with was developed. I want to see the calibration records :bonk:
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