Hurricane: Battening down the hatches


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Battening down the hatches

Well folks, we are now about 24 hours from a major hit from Isabelle. Having never been through a hurricane, I feel a little worried. I just wanted to tell any of the other Cove members that are in the path good luck! The highways are busy with all the traffic from the areas that have been evacuated. Tomorrow we start diassembling our offices and moving computers to safer areas. Take care!


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Don't sweat it, the worst thing that can happen would be to buy the farm. The next worse...get blown into Ohio ;)

Hunker down, keep calm and enjoy the ride.

It's spooky that's for sure and a very dangerous thing, but you'll come thru fine.


Fully vaccinated are you?
Not your geographic area, but...

Long time FL 'visitor'. Up until the mid-1960's I was there twice a year every year. I've been down many times since. Back then it was a 3 day drive from Ft. Thomas, KY where I grew up. A LONG 3 days. One had to be at the ferry dock by 3.30pm to make the last ferry to the island. I could tell you stories! Broken axels in the Tennessee 'hills' at 11 pm. Pee in the bottle if you were male - no stops. Stuckey's. Burma-Shave signs!

Dad used to have a number of properties on Sanibel Island (sold in the 1980's) starting in 1949 (where our main house was is now a tennis court...). The old 'Shell Basket'. Many great memories!

Umm, never was there during a hurricane but the stories from long ago still resonate in my mind from those who had lived through them. They evacuated all of the women and the men stayed and played cards, as I remember the 'stories' by the 'locals'. No bridge, back then, so it was a boat evaculation. And I'm sure some women must have stayed - despite their absence in the stories. Guys have a tendancy to 'forget' the role of the gals.

If you ever go to Sanibel, I worked at Bailey's General Store - as I remember it was summer 1967 - as a 'stock boy'. The Bailey Brothers were a real trip.


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You take care of yourself and those fine kids. Youv'e had your share already this year. You will be in my prayers.


Randy Stewart

I rode out Hugo in Charleston and came out untouched (even played frisbee in the eye)! Wouldn't do it again and wouldn't suggest anyone try.
We had gone over to a friends house to help his wife batten down the hatches on the house (he was at sea) and on the way back into Charleston the Howard Johnsons scrolling sign said "If you can read this you're going the wrong way, good luck".
Our prayers are with all of you.



Dig hole and crawl in! Getting blown into Ohio may not be all that bad, you could end up in Indiana.

Hey we cannot make up are minds about what time it is!

Tell Isabel to bring it on already.

The NASCAR Race is Sunday.

Be safe all on the cost.

Send Isabel to the West cost it would be an improvement.

Can we ISO 9001:2000 Isabel for 8.5.1. :vfunny: :biglaugh:


Live up to date pic of Isabel

CarolX said:

You take care of yourself and those fine kids. Youv'e had your share already this year. You will be in my prayers.


We use this weather service in our business. Check it out. It's huge allright and looks like Steel is somewhere in this big ground zero! :(


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