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Currently, we have some procedures hyperlinked from a master list which contains the procedure Names and Numbers. The procedures are password protected and are on a read only access drive. The problem: When I password protect the master document list, I lose the hyperlink function to the linked procedures. Any ideas? As we progress further, I want to insert hyperlinks into the procedures themselves to access forms that are mentioned. If it is determined that I cannot password protect a hyperlinked document, time for a change in plans. I've read all the posts regarding Adobe and realize that it is desirable, but I want to be absolutely sure that this isn't cockpit problems. Laura M., what have you done about it?



May I ask some dumb computer-related questions that might apply?
  • Is this a purely internal computer network or is there outside access to it as well? (That determines the level of security you need.)
  • What type of operating system are you using on the servers and the workstations? (Some are better than others in security.)
  • Is your master list a web page, a Word document, or an Acrobat PDF file? (It makes a difference how you do it.)

I use a web page as the master list and link to all documents. The documents are PDF files in a read-only folder on a server. (Only the document coordinator - me - has full access.) Users log on to the network at their computers, which gives them access to the folder. I have not had any problems with using a web page.

I have had problems using hyperlinks between documents if I created the link in Word or Acrobat. However, the problems have been to do with the way the link is named and handled rather than the access security. I have stopped embedding links for now. I plan to go through documents to add links later, once the rate of continual improvement of the system slows down ...

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I did what you suggested. My "handle" is tenergy, as there is another energy out there. Who'd a thought? Thanks for the tip.
Connecticut is beautiful right now.


Graeme, e-mail on it's way to you with the particulars of your inquiries. Thanks for the assistance.

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ISO Chick

Hi all
Speaking of Hyperlinks is there anyone out there that can help me, at my wits end.......

Using Microsoft Visio at the minute for all my flowcharts, and as people have said before, using a flowchart for the basis of my ISO 9000:2000 manual and then hyperlinking down through the layers. I am the only one in the company with this software so pasting it into word documents so that everyone can access read only documents. Only thing is the hyperlinks don't transfer and having trouble hyperlinking the sections I want in word

Does anyone have anything that can help me................ please...........

Brian L

Hi ISO Chick ,
Hope this is of some assistance to you , I also encountered some problems with the links between viso and word. If you are putting visio charts into word , right click on the flowchart and tell it to copy drawing and paste into your word document , this will bring the links with it so that you can edit the chart directly from the word doc by double clicking on it. I found this to be the best method of bring visio into word. If you do it another way word will think it's a picture and won't let you edit it, which is extremely annoying as like you i've been adding flowcharts into procedures.A picture is worth a thousand words!!
If it refuses to work , i found that deleting the chart from word and trying again worked (after banging my head off the desk a few times!!!)
Brian L

Laura M

All our forms are on a .html page with links. I don't have hyperlinks in protected word docs. Also - I don't use word docs - I use .pdf. Haven't run into your situation, but thanks for the heads up.


ISO Chick,

(this is Trakman at home)

Don't put hyperlinks in the Visio object, put them at the top or bottom of the page, in word.
The trick with the Visio stuff is to make it about 3/4 the size of the page that you work on in Visio. This way you can copy and paste into word without having annoying anchor & re-size problems.

For read only documents you need to protect them. Don't protect them using the "Read only" feature in word, select "tools --> Protect Document --> Forms" this will prevent people from modifying them off-line. The "read only" feature can be easily bypassed - re-open the document and delete the password!.
Purely as a logistical suggestion, keep hyperlinking out of general P&P's. This will save you serious re-work if they get moved, or re-titled, or whatever.
Have a HTML page with all links on it to all documents (or sub-pages)this works well as your efforts to make the system work flawlessly focuses on a few pages, not the entire system.

An on-line system is well worth the learning curve.

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