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I know that there are many links to other threads. The auditor told me that if I linked my documents it would serve me a world of good to do so. I only use micro soft word and microsoft excel for all my documentation.

Anyone have simple, and I mean simple instructions on how to link documents in micro soft word and excel. The help topics are not helping me because I am a total novice at everything computer.

P.S. when you get to be my age, everything is a major undertakeing.


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Hyperlinks ARE wonderful creatures, think of them as an electronic helper. If you have a paper system and you want to refer to another document you would say, "See the procedure XXXX in such and such location." Now, you have to get up and go to some file and rifle through it until you find the right paper file. Hyper linking means you can read everything right from your computer and every time you want to see some referenced document you just click on the underlined prompt and presto the document opens. No more opening Excel, choosing file, open and browsing through all the available files. So, sound good, huh? The great thing is it's easy to do. You may be old and gray, but I'm older than dirt and I figured it all out.:biglaugh:

Step one, you need to have any documents that you want to hyperlink to created.
Step two, make sure that your files are stored in a logical (for you) method so it is easy for you to set up the hyperlinks.
Step three, in the document that you want to set up the hyperlink(s), pick a word or phrase probably something like "See the procedure XXXX" and highlight that phrase, or a word that will contain the actual link
Step four, (I like the shortcut method, usually Control and K) select the insert option from the menu, select hyperlink, and then when it asks for the document to hyperlink to, browse to the document you want to go to (procedure XXXX) Click OK, and you are good to go.

Basically, all you are doing is implanting a command that says to open a file, and then showing the computer which file to open. There are some things you can do to mistake proof the process. Keep your file structure simple, for security store all the documents for your QMS on a server not somebodies desktop or laptop machine. Not sure what your resources are, but a server does not have to be anything fantastic, it can be a dedicated PC or Mac, it just isn't the machine that you are using to run all your applications off of. I cannot give you much help on using Word and Excel documents, as I am the web developer and use an HTML editor, but your results really are the same, you just have more security stuff to worry about if you are opening Word and Excel documents. There are bunches of folks here that use Word and Excel, and several threads that talk about securing those documents from unapproved changes.

Hope that I have helped you, good luck.
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