I am considering an online Black Belt Certification



I saw this online six sigma certification courses:

(I can't post web link as I don't have 5 posts yet)

www dot sixsigmaonline dot org/q2_a dot html

I am considering a online black belt certification. Have anyone heard of this place or have a better course for the $$ online? I am paying for this outta my own pocket so price vs value is very important.


Re: ANyone heard of sixsigmaonline.org?

OK, Tim Let's look at this logically. A quote from the website says
Six Sigma Online courses are an independent, textbook-based structure. Generally speaking, you read the required sections and are tested for proficiency. There are some additional training resources available in our course, however these materials are not required reading for the exams or your certification. They are simply meant to promote a more thorough learning experience.
(Highlight in red is my emphasis.)

Essentially, this means you buy the books and read them on your own and take a test. I didn't bother reading further to determine if someone proctors the test in a controlled situation or whether you also take the test via internet. If it's the latter, for a few bucks more, you could hire someone to take the test for you and you wouldn't have to even bother reading the books if all you want is the piece of paper.

Alternately, if you really want to learn something about Six Sigma which you might use in a real life situation,there are probably lots less expensive ways to get the book learning AND also come out of the experience actually able to apply Six S tools in a real life situation.

One thing you might do is compare ASQ prices for certifications at
Where the fee for taking the six igma black belt exam is
Six Sigma Black Belt - CSSBB

Exploring further (click on the link), you learn some more about the certificaton plus the fact you need to complete a project as a prerequisite to take the exam. Study,though, can be self-directed (reference material list and the Body of Knowledge on which the test will be conducted is provided.)

Many local ASQ Sections also offer courses or study groups where you can join with others to develop your skill and knowledge of six sigma tools and get help and support for a project.

Although I think the ASQ Body of Knowledge (BOK) is "pretty good," there are many whom I respect who feel it has some shortcomings (more shortcoings than I think it has!). At the very least, you should be familiar with most of the stuff in the BOK, even though it uses "continuous improvement" versus "continual improvement" in describing the goal ("continuous" is as impossible as "perpetual motion") of the six sigma program.

Compare the ASQ BOK with other courses and make a decision based on your own personal goal and pocketbook which course might give you more value for your money.


It looks like this program charges you $1000 to read a text book and take a test. I think ASQ offers a much better value for that style of learning. Furthermore if you ask anyone on this board who ASQ is you should get a quick answer. If you ask what Aveta Business Institute is you will have a bunch of people turning to Google. Aveta does not have the same recognition as ASQ and the programs don't look much better. I looked around their webpage and it didn't give much info about who was overseeing the program and what their qualifications are. I would give up recognition for quality or solid in person training but Aveta does not seem to have either.

If you want to get the education that program provides then just buy the text book and forget the certification.

At least with ASQ you have a large network of local sections and online learning courses.


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Re: Anyone heard of sixsigmaonline.org?

I think the primary benefit with using ASQ is that the certificate is recognized worldwide, as opposed to a SSBB 'school' certificate that could originate from any source. I have heard of GB and BB programs being run inside companies within a week or two. While these may target the specific aspects of Six Sigma that relate directly to the specific company, they may ignore the broader application of Six Sigma.

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I agree, and have opted for the ASQ cert because I can't be sure who else's (besides GE of course) would be appreciated by hiring managers.

Check out the links to related threads at the bottom of this page, to view past discussions about this subject. Some are quite recent.
I have some software and high quality paper and printer, so I can give anyone a proficiency exam in most quality-related disciplines to determine if he/she meets the minimum standards for a certificate attesting to that proficiency and then issue a certificate suitable for framing. Heck! for an additional $100, I'll put a gold seal on it, then I'll have it mounted in a frame and shipped to you via Fedex. I'd really sign it, too, with a fountain pen, not just a Bic ballpoint!;)

Prices vary, according to the certificate!

Added in edit:
I just heard an ad on the radio which gave me an idea (something about paying $50 to have a star named after you) - every 5 years, I will publish a list of all the certificate holders, copyright that document and file a copy with the Library of Congress. Copies will be available for sale on Amazon.
and if you call within the next 10 minutes, we'll DOUBLE the offer!

just pay shipping and handling....
Right! Two certificates (one for home office) PLUS (no added charge) permanent embossed ID card, wallet size, listing each certificate for which the holder is qualified.

Full disclosure: we'll still include all this, no matter when you order, we've already raised the prices to include it.


Right! Two certificates (one for home office) PLUS (no added charge) permanent embossed ID card, wallet size, listing each certificate for which the holder is qualified.
Now I am sad. I just got my fancy new ASQ CSSBB cert and it actually came with a certification wallet card (not a membership card) - no joke.

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