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I have just purchased the all new Core Tools Software (CTS) from AIAG


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My sounded like they needed to release something in light of the new FMEA/VGA manual being released in a few months. They should have released a beta version to try out and get the feedback from "actual" users. I'm sorry that you guys are the "testers". Unfortunately somewhere on one of the slides I believe it says no refund. Good luck in trying.

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Just got the following e-mail. They must be getting bombarded (and rightfully so).

I hope you are well. I wanted to follow up with you regarding your previous inquiry for our CTS Software. We recently released a ‘rough demo’ that goes a bit more in depth with functionality of the Software, which I thought you and your team might find beneficial. You can click HERE (
) for access right now! This weekend we will also be incorporating Interactive Help Tutorials within the Software itself. While the Software is already extremely user friendly, we still recognize the need for Training and/or Tutorials and believe this will be a great tool for new customers accessing the Software and give them a good feel for the flexibility, use, and navigation within the application. The rough demo I mentioned previously does not show the Interactive Help Tutorial feature mentioned above, but in the coming weeks we will be developing a more professional demo video along with bite-sized video vignettes of the Interactive Help Tutorials that will display more features within the app. So there are lots of great things coming to CTS!

Please always feel free to reach out to us, should you need any assistance.
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