I need help with getting a CFS in China




My company is currently working with a manufacture in China to import a skincare product into Nigeria. We require a CFS for a product we are trying to import and register with the National Agency of Food and Drugs Administration in Nigeria (NAFDAC)

The Chinese manufacture don’t have a CFS and we are stuck at the moment. Can anyone provide details on the following;

-How can we get a CFS for our product?

-Can our company make an application or must the manufacture do so?

-Lastly are there alternative to the CFS?

Thank you in advance!

Al Rosen

Super Moderator
A CFS is evidence that the manufacturer is allowed to legally market the product in the manufacturer's country. I don't know the regulations regarding China, but in the US the exporter applies for the certificate (in the US it's called Certificate to Foreign Government) by providing the license no. to market along with a sworn affidavit.
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