I see the word 'ensure' in standards - How do I comply?



I see 'ensure' in standards - How do I comply?

Quick Question, When a standard requirement states that you must 'ensure' something. What do you do as far as documentation to make sure you meet the requirement?

Jerry Eldred

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If it were my policy, I would "drill down" one level philosophically, and state (at whatever level of detail I needed) what I would require my lab to do to ensure the requirement is met. The standard says what is required. We state in our policy what we will specifically do to ensure it is met. If I am to ensure that my techs are properly qualified for whatever type of equipment they calibrate, I might (for example) put a flag in my database that would only allow techs to work on equipment types they have documented training and demonstrated competence to perform. I would state (in the example) some description of my database flag.

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