I Would like to view someones Laboratory Scope


Debra Woodford

I Would like to view someones Lab Scope. I have to create from scratch, and I am clueless. We are a small plastic injection molding shop. Our quality lab is small and relativly "back woods" I have managed to get some spc software, and out side of that we are still doing most everthing by hand. OJT is the extent of our inspectors training. Our equipment is basic. Video CMM is the "high tech" piece of equip. Any way all layouts and most capability studies are outsourced. I am just not sure what we need. Thanks for the opportunity to get imput I think this is great.


Just a couple of suggestions of what might work in terms of lab scope.

What I've done in the past is simply develop a table that has four columns;
1.Name of tests, calibrations
2. For each test etc.. we list the equipment that we use to conduct that particular test
3. The standard that is used as the basis upon which to perform the test e.g. (ISO 10012)
4. The qualifications required of the individuals who perform the tests.

We transform this list into a living document that is reviewed during Contract review, whereby we identify whether there are any new tests that need to be performed. If a new test is required and we have the capability to perform it in our lab we add it to the lab scope. If we are able to perform the test the lab manager signs off her input into Contract review. Or better yet you could include a section for "lab scope" in the Team Feasibility Commitment Form"

The reason why we include training/qualifications as one of the columns is that this addition to the lab scope takes into account the requirements of Hope this helps some.


Fully vaccinated are you?
The reason why we include training qualifications as one of the columns is that this addition to the lab scope takes into account the requirements of Hope this helps some.
Good idea!

Debra Woodford

Hi Marc;
Thank you for the response, This forum is wonderful, I have learned so much from reading of others struggles, lets me know there is life after QS. Thank you again I will be using your resources quite frequently.


Here is our, rather simplistic (in my opinion) Lab Scope that was "thrown together" just to satisfy the requirement of 4.10.6

"X Company's lab has the ability and competency to perform dimensional testing & inspection; pressure sensitive tape adhesion testing; and verification of inspection, testing, and measuring equipment on appropriate products and equipment. Methods used include those listed in the ANSI/ASQC Z1.4-1993 (for inspection and testing) and verification and/or calibration of the equipment specified on SOP #11-03 is traceable to the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology)."

Worked for us... for now (again).
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