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Interesting Discussion IAF CertSearch Database - Repository of "properly" Accredited Management System Certs

Did your organization receive an invite to be listed in the IAF Certsearch database?

  • Yes, and we want to be listed

  • Yes, but we don't want to be listed

  • No, but we want to be listed

  • No and we don't care

  • Database? what database?

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Sidney Vianna

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Staff member
Interestingly, just saw a post in LinkedIn by UKAS about an effort to develop their own database. Check UKAS on LinkedIn: "Excellent input from customers, stakeholders and government as we kick off a project to develop a database of accredited certificates. This will increase the value and accessibility of accredited certification, and provide procurers with a single source of verification #increasingvalue of #ukas #accredited #certificationbodies"

to what I posted:

Very strange, indeed, the timing for UKAS to announce this, as it seems to deflate the IAF led effort, especially if that would be mean double/additional work by CB's to manage data in different databases...a revolt might be coming.
It looks like UKAS is moving forward with their own database (see video below). It is mind boggling they don't see how multiple databases leads to redundant work by CB's. Further, it is utterly disheartening they don't understand that the PRIMARY value of such database would be to foster accountability of certifiers by allowing USERS OF CERTIFICATES to easily communicate with ISSUERS OF CERTIFICATES. They keep asking for "suggestions" and feedback. Why don't they use the IAQG OASIS database as the model to follow? A very successful database that has been operational and honed for the last 15 years. I am sure SAE would offer the most cost effective solution by following the same format.


Sidney Vianna

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Staff member
Thanks for the update. To me, it is quite evident that this will fail massively, and in a short time (2 years tops). Most of the large CB's are not participating (surprise, surprise), what undermines hugely the value of this data; after all any database that is significantly incomplete is, by definition, useless.

Under this database, ANAB, the long standing accreditation body in the USA, has only 42 CB's accredited and listed there, while IAS (US based), a relative newcomer to the IAF and ANAB's competitor has 61 accredited CB's under their oversight; interestingly despite the fact that IAS is a US based AB, out of these 61 accredited CB's, only 9 are also based in the USA. Anybody who knows anything about this sector knows very well whats is going on.

This database assists the world in watching real-time, the growing dysfunction of the accredited certification sector. Something that was devised and built to provide confidence and assurance in the global supply chain gets further and further from it's intended goal, on a daily basis. Meanwhile, ISO CASCO keeps developing additional standards. Where is the "STOP THE INSANITY" emoticon when you need it? :naughty:

The terms and conditions as well as privacy policy terms seem way too elaborate for people to simply search the database. Actually had you and I agreed to them, we would be probably in violation by having the screen captures over here. Would not be too surprised if The Cove gets a request from them to delete some of the images available here.

Oh boy, the lack of vision plagues this sector. And mediocrity prevails in the short term.
They are putting out a lot of videos, guides, presentations, and support letters to push this. Perhaps the most inspiring image from their presentation touting the benefits of their database:

Sidney Vianna

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Staff member
Have not had a chance to review the document yet, but the IAF has issued a document on the use of the IAF CERTSEARH Mark. Somehow, someone had the brilliant idea of making the "ACTIVE CERTIFICATION" mark in red, against the universal protocol that red is a WARNING.

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