IAQG announces 9100D:2016 Deployment Support Webinars (Winter 2017)


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Dear OASIS User,

The IAQG announces the following 9100D:2016 Deployment Support Webinars; the webinars are free and registration is limited to 1000 attendees. There are 2 different webinars offered, it is recommend that you attend the Key Changes webinar and then the Clause by Clause webinar. Please note, times selected are based on the location of the presenter and this may not be convenient to everyone. Please verify your time zone during the registration process.

9100D:2016 Key Changes (1 hr.) - The 9100D:2016 Key Changes webinar will help users understand the standard changes and intent.

January 4, 2017: 9-10 am US Eastern (-5 GMT), Webinar ID: 284-228-235
Registration URL:


February 27, 2017: 9-10am US Eastern (-5 GMT), Webinar ID: 284-280-923
Registration URL:


March 29, 2017: 9-10am US Eastern (-5 GMT), Webinar ID: 284-311-179
Registration URL:


9100D:2016 Clause by Clause (2 hr.) - The 9100D:2016 Clause by Clause webinar will provide users with enough detail to understand the changes. It is recommended that you attend the Key Changes Webinar first.

January 4, 2017: 12-2pm US Eastern (-5 GMT), Webinar ID: 453-308-051
Registration URL:

https://attendee.got owebinar.com/register/663006990391122948

February 27, 2017: 12-2pm US Eastern (-5 GMT), Webinar ID: 711-118-883
Registration URL:


March 30, 2017: 9-11am US Eastern (-5 GMT), Webinar ID: 363-203-587
Registration URL:


IAQG has developed QMS deployment support material available on the public IAQG website. The AS/EN/JISQ 9100:2016 deployment support material includes:

Training Slides on Executive Overview, Key Changes, and Clause-by-Clause presentations.
G o-to-Webinar recordings on Key Changes and Clause-by-Clause presentations
Correlation Matrix that relates the 2016 to the 2009 standard version.
Transition implementation strategies that include a step-by-step guide towards implementing AS/EN/JISQ 9100:2016-series standards.
Transition gap assessment matrix including an excel spreadsheet designed for t he implementation of AS/EN/JISQ 9100:2016-series standards.
9100 Evaluation Guidance Material with things to consider during implementation and auditing efforts.
Additional information regarding key target dates, timetable and webinar scheduling.
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