IAQG Required Audit Days Needed (Please help)

Kevin Walters AEA

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I recently completed AATT and need to accumulate audit days for my AA certification. If any auditors on the West Coast (also Arizona) are willing to let me shadow their audit, please keep me in mind. I would work for free and pay for my own travel.



Sidney Vianna

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shadowing an auditor does not count for your auditing days requirements and both registrants and CB’s frown on having anyone onsite that is not necessary as part of the audit team. Your best bet is to engage with a CB as a non exclusive contractor and go through the development process until you can claim AEA status.

good luck.


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Yep, what Sidney said about shadowing, total waste of time if you're looking for credible experience to audit yourself. Most likely the client wouldn't even let you in the door anyway.
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