IATF 16949 2016 Mandatory procedure


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There are total 21 procedures which are mandatory, listed as below:

Product Safety —
Training – 7.2.1
Internal Auditor company – 7.2.3
Employee Motivation—7.3.2
Engineering Specification
Design and Development –
Special Characteristic Defining –
Supplier Selection—
Out sources Process –
Statutory and regulatory requirement —
Supplier Monitoring —
Control of changes—
Temporary Change –
Rework Procedure —
Repaired Procedure –
Disposition of non-conforming products –
Internal Audit—
Problem Solving — 10.2.3
Error proofing – 10.2.4
Continual Improvement — 10.3.1


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A procedure has to be prepared for Special characteristic identification, inclusion in process control documents like Process flow chart, control plan, FMEA, work instructions.

Awareness on Special characteristics to employees.

Symbol conversion table like different customer uses different symbols; so to make it easy prepare a symbol conversion matrix.
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