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IATF 16949 External Calibration Laboratory Requirelents


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If this is an accurate quotation, the auditor(s) don't know what they're saying.

There's no such thing. It's accreditation, not certification, and hence my comment above. When folks don't use the terminology correctly, it leaves me in doubt about their actual knowledge of the requirement.

Oops Andy, you are correct. Poor choice of wording on my part. 17025 accredited, not certified.
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#12 states that if the calibration is not performed by a 17025 accredited lab that "there shall be evidence that the
external laboratory is acceptable to the customer."

The Note in says "Such evidence may be demonstrated by customer assessment, for example, or by customer- approved second-party assessment that the laboratory meets the intent of ISO/IEC 17025 or national equivalent."

This means the customer either needs to have a second party assessment of your calibration system, or they are required to do that themselves. Most customers are not going to be able to demonstrate that your company's calibrations meet 17025 requirements, as they do not have the expertise or time to perform what amounts to be a 17025 audit of your calibration program. They must produce the evidence that this assessment has been performed, otherwise they will be found to be non-compliant.
As a result they will go to 17025 accredited suppliers.


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Calibration services may be performed by the equipment manufacturer when a qualified laboratory is not available for a given piece of equipment. In such cases, the organization shall ensure that the requirements listed in Section have been met.
Which can be the possible methods to ensure that requirements are met as listed in Section ?
Which can be the possible methods to ensure that requirements are met as listed in Section ? reads rather plainly.
It details what the requirements are for an acceptable internal calibration lab.
The manufacturer will have to meet those same requirements for you to use them for calibrations.

Possible methods to ensure would be to conduct an audit of their calibration program, whether in person, a "paper audit", or contracting a third party to audit them.
I understand this but what is the "evidence" of the lab scope or work instructions? Do you have to have scope or work instructions in hand for the auditor?
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