IATF 16949 FAQ 24 - Countries of destination

Dear all,

acc. FAQ 24 the organization is required to request a complete list of countries of destination from customer and should be able to produce written evidence therefore.

In order to avoid to send special letters to all customers, we are considering to have a sentence in the order confirmation like "please provide a complete list of countries of destination" .

Could that be a feasible way, meeting the iatf requirements. Thanks for your comments.



Really trusted?
No it is not. Few will tell, most ignore.
First of all, it (lack of information related countries of destination) has to be identified as one of risks related to process of handling your customers requests for quotation or alternatively (following) process of selection of suppliers. You can (potentially) eliminate it by implementing "checklist" during your customer quotating, where this information you put in, or mitigate consequences in case of lacking it, through identification potential countries of destination and their related regulations. Then you are able to cascade it to your suppliers.

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