IATF 16949 - Traceability Plan - Does anyone have an example?


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Hi There,

Does anyone has an example of a traceability plan?

"These (traceability) plans shall define the appropriate traceability systems, processes, and methods by product, process, and manufacturing location that:
a) enable the organization to identify nonconforming and/or suspect product;
b) enable the organization to segregate nonconforming and/or suspect product;
c) ensure the ability to meet the customer and/or regulatory response time requirements;
d) ensure documented information is retained in the formal (electronic, hardcopy, archive) that enables the organization to meet the response time requirements;
e) ensure serialized identification of individual products, if specified by the customer or regulatory standards;
f) ensure the identification and traceability requirements are extended to externally provided products with safely/regulatory characteristics.

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Dear Francois,
do you have any own thoughts related to this requirement as a whole or maybe particular points a), b),...? Are your company ISO/TS 16949 certified and how did you manage so far?
You have omitted initial paragraph of this requirement mentioning external parties with requirements related to traceability plan. Did you already identify any of them?
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I have come across an IATF NC from our stores department .

Some of the material are not identified. Its found missing after asking to the respected person he have replied that the material is missing due to oversight.

So i didn't feel this as the proper root cause so do suggest me what should i give a root cause to this problem and as well what corrective action and preventive action should i give

Do suggest
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