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Hello Quality Experts.

We have internally trained 4 engineers from 4 different departments (Ex: Engineering, Sales, Lab) to be part of our internal audit team (Note: none of them have an official certification to be auditors), Can one of them perform an internal audit to the Quality process? as a Quality team cannot audit themselves.

Please chime in with your expertise. Thank you.


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There is no requirement for an auditor certification. If the auditors are competent, and not auditing their own work, they should be fine. It would all be dependent on what they are auditing. For example, if SPC is a big part of the audit, they would need core tools competency as well.

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as per the standard
7.2.3 Internal auditor competency
Quality management system auditors,
shall all be able to demonstrate the following minimum competencies:
a) understanding of the automotive process approach for auditing, including risk-based thinking;
b) understanding of applicable customer-specific requirements;
c) understanding of applicable ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 requirements related to the scope of the audit;
d) understanding of applicable core tool requirements related to the scope of the audit;
e) understanding how to plan, conduct, report, and close out audit findings.
If the organization’s personnel provide the training to achieve competency, documented information shall be retained to demonstrate the trainer's competency with the above requirements.
Maintenance of and improvement in internal auditor competence shall be demonstrated through:
f) executing a minimum number of audits per year, as defined by the organization; and
g) maintaining knowledge of relevant requirements based on internal changes (e.g., process
technology, product technology) and external changes (e.g., ISO 9001, IATF 16949, core tools,
and customer specific requirements).

As long as you can demonstrate this no problem

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How many Nonconformities lead to canceling of the Certification?
Good day @QualityWorld1 ;
Considering the tilte/subject of this OP is ..."..internal audit...", are you referring to internal audit so called "nonconformities'...or are you referring to actual nonconformities as written by a 3rd party auditor?

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There is no specified "limit". Multiple of the same process.... indicating a complete breakdown of a process can indeed lead to a "major" 'which has greater risks associated with it (and a quicker required response time).
As mentioned previously by @Ashland78 , it's key to ensure that any identified non-conformances are properly countermeasured and responded to by the required date(s).

Is there a specific reason you are asking as to "how many..."?


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Well, I know a company that got 3 Majors NC in their Main External Audit and lost certification for 2 months and got recertified, And another company that got 5 Majors NC but didn't get their certification canceled.

I reviewed the Standard and couldn't find anything in the details on this matter. So seeking an expert's help.
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