IATF 16949 Annex B: CQI Requirements


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Hello Gents,

I would need Your opinion in one matter.

As we are now in transition to IATF 16949, I saw few lines on page 52 of IATF 16949 where I am not clear what is actualy required ( if is).


CQI 8 layered process audit
CQI 9 Special process: Heat treatment assessment
CQI 27 Special process: Casting system assessment.

Are we, as diecasting company required to perform stated above ( CQI's)?
If so, are we required to have external education for every of thos CQI's or we can do it internaly?

We are performing: sistem, process, product audits on regular basis but this is just not clear to me.

Thank You for sharing Your opinions.



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According to the "Forward" section of IATF 16949, page 7, "Annex B is provided for guidance to implement the IATF 16949 requirements unless otherwise specified by customer specific requirements." So, unless mandated by any of your customers, you do not need to follow the CQI documents, but they are recommended as best practice. As for training, to my knowledge there is no requirement for external training. But, there are very specific assessor qualifications for the "assessment" CQI's. Also, the assessments themselves may have imbedded requirements for qualifications such as CQI-9 question 1.1 regarding a dedicated and qualified heat treat person on site.
we are in the process of LOC Later of comformance Automotive can some one please provide valuable input on LPAs Leyered Process Audits QCI-8 of the Automotive Continual Quality Improvement i would really appreciated any feedback
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