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I have a couple non-conformances to respond to from our IATF 16949 audit a few weeks ago but I'm unsure of the best format to use for the responses. Fortunately, my auditor was kind enough to simply state a section of the rule book. Unfortunately, I only have the mini version of the standard and those rules aren't in it. Is someone able to tell me what the rules require for audit responses from section It would be greatly appreciated.:):)
Your CB should be able to provide guidance -- maybe even the specific format they want. I know ours is online. You'll basically need to do an 8D. Their big focus will be on the root cause analysis and effectiveness of your corrective actions. Good luck.

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Is someone able to tell me what the rules require for audit responses from section
As previously mentioned, your CB should provide you with guidance/format/forms etc for you to respond with containment, root cause analysis and corrective action, but you seem to be asking for proposed corrective actions for CB reported nonconformities related to paragraph, Process effectiveness and efficiency. Is that right? We can’t help if we don’t know exactly what the actual non conformance is. There is no “default” boiler plate corrective actions for nonconfomities related to a section of the standard, so please clarify what exactly you are asking for.

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There is no real secret
from the rules
5.11.2 Client responsibility for a minor nonconformity
The certification body shall require the client to submit, within a maximum of sixty {66} calendar days from
the closing meeting of the site audit, evidence of the following:
a} implemented correction;
b} root cause including methodology used, analysis, and results;
c} implemented systemic corrective actions to eliminate each nonconformity, including consideration of
the impact to other similar processes and products;
d} verification of effectiveness of implemented corrective actions.

Any standard 8 D or similar answers all these requirements
Most CBs give a form on a portal to answer.
you can use 5 whys or fishbone.... whatever yoy want, as long as you can identify rootcause, correction, corrective action
By the way have you been given minor or major NC?

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