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Spelling errors?
Oh yes - OCR isn't perfect. I have a duplex scanner (HP Scanjet 5590) which is - Well, I don't know how old but it's ancient. It has an OCR output "function", in addition to scan to .pdf (and a number of other formats like scan to .jpg).

I don't know how good this one is but there are always a number of "errors" in the output. I seriously doubt OCR is a whole lot better these days but it's not worth it to me to replace the scanner (they usually come with OCR software).

I did what jack770214 did for years - Scan to .pdf and/or OCR output (usually both) so I could stop carrying a "carry-on" to check through which was loaded with paper copies like I did in the 1990's. Heavy and a PIT:ca: , but needed to have copies of a lot of standards with me.

It's one of those things that to some people, like me, who really want a .txt copy of various standards/regulations/misc. documents is invaluable. OCR takes some time to "cleanup", but it's worth it.
Hi there, I work for SMMT Industry Forum. We are pleased to announce we have recently launched an eBook of the standard which can be downloaded and accessed on your devices while offline. Please visit the Industry Forum website and click on "shop"

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