IATF 16949 Cl. 4.3.2 - Meeting Customer Specific Requirements


I am looking for some insight as to how some of you are planning to meet this requirement. I was originally going to do a high level matrix but have found that some of our customer requirements documents are quite extensive; for example, one is 80 pages and another is 60. Any insights you would be able to provide would be greatly appreciated.



I am also interested in knowing what level of detail is required here. Any insight would be grateful.


I think it is all about mentioning how you are evaluating CSRs ( Reference to a CSR Evaluation Process flow) and addressing it in Scope of QMS.


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I was originally going to do a high level matrix but have found that some of our customer requirements documents are quite extensive; for example, one is 80 pages and another is 60.
If it is complicated, if it requires a lot of work, it does not give us right to negate it.

Some OEMs in their CSRs point clearly section and building matrix is easy.
Others produce word-flooding documents and reader has to find relation between text and section. There is no other way as read it all and create linkages.

Last stage - there are two ways of matrix structure.
1. Copy paste whole sentence and paste in a field where standard section number and system process are crossing.
2. Put in a field where standard section number and system process are crossing hyperlink to related CSR paragraph.


Here is an example:

Top Management ensures that customer requirements are determined and are met with the
aim of enhancing customer satisfaction.
Customer Requirements may be determined through Quotations, Purchase Orders,
Specifications; Customer provided Supplier Quality Manuals, as well as Customer Satisfaction
and Dis-satisfaction data.
To ensure that the defined customer requirements are being met, Top Management will rely
on data from the Goals and Objectives Matrix (QUA-1025) and customer feedback (i.e.
Customer Report Cards, and general customer communications).
Actions will be taken as necessary to ensure that customer requirements are continually met
and enhanced (re: QSP # 20 Customer Satisfaction)


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The manual states:
To determine and establish the scope of the QMS, The organization determines the boundaries and applicability of the QMS and considers the external and internal issues, the requirements of relevant interested parties, the requirements that can be applied, and the products and services of the company.
In support of Top Management, the Quality Team, ensures that supporting functions, whether on or off site, such as design centers, corporate headquarters, distribution centers, and customer specific requirements are included in the scope of the QMS.
The scope is available and maintained as documented information stating the products and services covered by the QMS

Reference : CSR Matrix updated monthly by the Quality team


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How many tiers down or up depending on how you look at are required to follow customer specific requirements for the new IATF and is it different if you are a directed source vs. a non-directed source to an OEM? For example, we are directed by an OEM but are tier two. Another scenario, we are tier 3 and 4 to the OEM but not directed. Are we required to follow all customer specifics up the food chain to the OEM or just to our direct customer?
This has been a gray area and I would like to get some clarification or feedback.

Thank you:confused:


The best one would be a matrix for each customer specific requirement independently . The matrix would be your internal procedure Vs CSR. Few customer can help you with ISO Clause Vs their own CSR matrix.


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I'll say this. Most CSR are boilerplate nonsense that your representatives at your customers don't even know or care. And sometimes they even have their own individual work arounds. The reality is that if you're not meeting actual CSR you'll find out really quick.

Now to comply with the standard, you really do need a matrix of some sort to keep organized. I list the standard elements down the left and each customer gets a column. Anything that deviates or add's to the standard's requirement gets a note. Those notes then get incorporated into our process paperwork where necessary.


I have started making a matrix. We have about 40 automotive customers, everyone does not have CSR. I have read 5 supplier manuals now and they are quite similar. What I can see as a common thing is that they are written for companies that do not have IATF 16949 so what I can see if you have IATF you follow 95% of CSR. What I point out is whether there is any extra in CSR in my matrix. So far, I have found the storage time for control doucuemnt differ
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