IATF 16949 Cl. - External Laboratory Sub-Supplier Requirements



I wonder if this requirement shall include sub-supplier if the sub-supplier is doing measurements?

My lead auditor trainer insisted that the lab scope shall include the inspections done in the production.

What do you think? External laboratory:
External/commercial/independent laboratory facilities used for inspection, test, or calibration services by the organization shall have a defined laboratory scope that includes the capability to perform the required
inspection, test, or calibration, and either


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I think it is only applicable to outside measuring/calibration providers.

If you have a supplier providing parts that does measurements their lab would be controlled by their standard and/or your requirements.

quality admin External Lab states the calibration service provider must be 17025 or national equivalent but what about the calibrations you recieve do they have to show 17025 methodology showing uncertainty do the findings have to be traceable to NIST or just do the Standards used have to be traceable to NIST.
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