IATF 16949 Cl. 7.1.6 - Organizational Knowledge - What evidence to have?


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I am struggling some with the IATF 16949 requirement of organizational knowledge (clause 7.1.6). Could anyone share how they showing evidence that they are meeting this requirement? Also has anyone had their 3rd party audit and could share what types of questions the auditors asked in regards to this subject?


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3rd party auditors will audit this requirement, but they wouldn't issue any nonconformities for it. Don't worry. :tg:

Company knowledge is indispensable input to process of acquiring competence by personnel performing jobs affecting conformity of product and effectiveness of management system. Creating instructions for all employees, it is a way to address this requirement and avoiding risk of loosing knowledge, when someone will leave company. Not specially clever, but effective. Do you find people leaving company as a risk?

Some say, PFMEA is one of its emanation, but sometimes when you look inside, you wont find all knowledge you need to properly perform manufacturing process. Manufacturing process is a lot, but not all.
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