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IATF 16949 Cl. 9.1.2 - Monitoring Process Performance


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IATF 16949 Cl. 9.1.2 states:

The organization shall monitor the performance of the manufacturing processes,to demonstrate compliance with customer requirements for product quality and process efficiency, the monitoring shall include the review of the customer perfomance data including customer online portals and customer scorecards, where provided.

1.What kind of performance shall be monitored? The product conforming rate? the production plan achievement rate? MTBF?
2.Do I need to consider the above performances when I evaluate the customer satisfaction?
3.The clause also states that the customer performance data on their portal and socrecards shall be reviewed, what we do after review the customer performance data? Do the results need to be considered while I evaluate the customer satisfaction? what's the principles?
Thank you all.
To me that clause is talking about high level customer performance metrics such as delivery and quality. That's where the scorecard review comes in. Pick some metrics that work for you and go with it.

As part of customer satisfaction you need to review the scorecard data. That's in there somewhere.
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