IATF 16949 Clause - Product Safety - Concept of the Title


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Hi all

I am not native to English.
I faced with a problem about the concept of the terms "product safety" and "product-safety related products".
Which of the following is correct?

1. Product safety means the "safety of product"

2. Product safety means a "product with safety characteristics"

I think the second should be true. But the I do not know how to translate the term "product-safety related products" with the second concept.

Thanks all

Sidney Vianna

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Re: product safety- concept of the title

In the Aerospace sector, one of the product safety definitions is
The state in which a product is able to perform to its designed or intended purpose without causing unacceptable risk of harm to persons or damage to property. (9100) (9110)

The way I interpret it is to think of product integrity. Assuring the product conforms as intended. So, for example, if a product was designed with limited life expectancy, eg, spark plugs, supposed to be replaced every 100,000 miles. If you fail to replace them, you are compromising it's integrity and safety.


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It is already in terms and definitions section 3 in IATF16949

product safety
standards relating to the design and manufacturing of products to ensure they do not represent harm or hazards to customers :yes:


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How to interpret it if it is referred to a semi finished good and not the final product provided to the Customer, intended in a supply chain as tier 3?


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As I understand requirement stated in point b), it can not be, that safety-related requirements identified on tier-3 level are not forwarded to tier-2 level until reaching final customer.

I have own question related to point e).
Could you support me with its challenging grammar?
"... and at ..."
Maybe this "and" is a mistake?
Maybe after "and" should be "process" or maybe instead of "product", "process" should be there?
First paragraph of this section mentions both product and manufacturing process, so that is why I think there should be "process" as well.
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