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Hi all,

I need some input as to what exactly clause is speaking to. It states "the organization shall immediately notify the customer(s) in the event that nonconforming product has been shipped..."

My thoughts: in order to notify the customer of nonconforming material, one would need to know already that the material is nonconforming. This would lead to section, which states "the organization shall obtain authorization prior to further processing for use-as-is and rework dispositions of nonconforming product."

What is the point of What am I missing?

Sidney Vianna

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Re: Inputs Requested - Customer Notification

Sometimes, the supplier realizes that they have shipped nonconforming products, after the fact.

Example: you ship heat treated forgings to a customer and 2 months later, you perform an oven temperature survey/calibration and realize that the oven heating elements were significantly malfunctioning. So, heat treated parts might have not been properly altered from a metallurgical stand point.

At that time, you MUST inform your customers that shipped parts are either nonconforming or suspect.


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Re: Inputs Requested - Customer Notification

You have manufactured 1 batch of 10 000 pieces during last week.
All planned product inspection activities according to control plan, using sample parts were performed with satisfactory results.

This week you deliver these parts to your customer in daily batches of 1 000 pieces according to his orders. Today, during scheduled product audit, sample parts waiting for next (Thursday, Friday) deliveries were picked up and during inspections out-of-spec results have occurred.
If you find any risk, that Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday deliveries could include nonconforming parts, you must notify your customer.


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Re: Inputs Requested - Customer Notification

I hear what both of you are saying, and this totally makes sense. But to me the clause is not written that way.
If I were to take this at absolute face value, the only instance I can think where this clause applies is when you have identified product as nonconforming or potentially discrepant at your location. Then, somehow that product shipped to the customer prior to disposition and resulting corrective action(s), when applicable.

PS. I'm playing devil's advocate so I can really wrap my mind around the "generally accepted" meaning of this clause.


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Re: Inputs Requested - Customer Notification

Need to implement Product Identification and Traceability so you can contain the lots that are suspect.
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