IATF 16949 Clause of 8.4.3 - Approvals - Can you explain to me



The clause of 8.4.3 b) states:"the approval of:

1) products and services;
2) methods, processes and equipment;
3) the release of products and services;

Can you please explain what the above items mean?

Thank you in advance.


Processes, products and services (PPS) purchased from external providers (EP’s) can be quite complex and difficult to produce. To ensure consistent quality and delivery you must not only communicate to them the technical requirements, spec’s and acceptance criteria for the PPS you plan to purchase, you must also spell out your controls and approval requirements for each of the three items listed in 8.4.3 b. These may include:

1. Approval of PPS through various means such as sign-off on PPS design & validation; PPAP submissions; witness testing;

2. Approval of methods, processes and equipment - similar to 1 above plus approval of Control Plans, test plans, equipment capability & maintenance plans, validation through safety, regulatory and 3rd parties, e.g. welding; technical product, process and employee certifications, etc.

3. Approval of conditions under which PS will be released or performed, e.g. on consignment, release schedule, on demand, full container, etc. Other release conditions may relate to onsite customer inspection, 3rd party inspections and obtaining regulatory compliance certificates, FOB (free on board) liability and insurance agreements, etc.
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