IATF 16949 - Customer Authorization for Concession or Deviation Permit

Hello Everyone,
this is my very first post here and I have a question regarding chapter that is quite unclear to me right now.

As states here a few times already, I need "a customer concession or deviation permit prior to further processing whenever [a] the product [...] is different from from that which ist currently approved".

What is the focus of "further processing"?
a) Do I need "whatever" from my customer if I mean to further process "the deviating product" itself?
b) Do I need to get a permit to continue with the manufacture of new products of the same kind with the unchanged and released process (which, for me, is "further processing" as well)?

If 1b) is correct, then we would stop our production an await permits every day, no? Because each time our process puts out "a product" that is not ok, we need to stop everything and ask the customer?

Or Do I just throw it away (as seems logic) and get on with my production?

Sorry, if the question seems silly, but neither the english version, nor the one in my native language is precise in respect to what is meant here.

Thanks in advance!

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