IATF 16949 implementation needs and requirements


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Does anyone has a presentation for management for IATF implementation? We are new to this standard and i am tasked to submit a presentation to our management with IATF needs. I would really appreciate if someone can provide with an example.


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There is a lot of stuff online put out by registrars about the changes to the new standard. That might be a good place to start.


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If I understand right , I would start with GAP analysis ..I Cant imagine presentation with IATF needs in any other way..You were asked to present IATF needs due to some reasons ,, Obviously : costs ..I would Start with GAP and then prepare PPT with needed sources for each point in GAP(Auditors , OEE implementation ,DFA,DFM , PSB, traininngs , software implementation,TQM, etc..,etc..).
But good luck :notme: