IATF 16949 - Multiple Locations - 3rd party audit scope


Mrs Tucker

We have two facilities one in TX and one in OK.
The TX facility is IATF certified the OK one is ISO.
We share Eng. Product design & Process design with our engineers traveling back and forth when needed. We also share a Quality Manager.
If we use the same procedures and managers will we need to call the processes
"remote" in our 3rd party audit scope ?


Trusted Information Resource
TX engineers are supporting OK.?
If yes, you are remote location for OK., but as idea of "remoting" exists only in IATF while they are only ISO, so "who cares?". On the other hand, maybe one day there will be decision made to push OK. to IATF, so it would be worth to already identify it and address in your system.
In opposite situation you must and OK. will be audited ahead of your plant.
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