IATF 16949 Process Measurement and Efficiency Measures Requirements

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I have my transition audit to IATF next week and received the attached Audit Planning Form from my Certification Body this week. This is a new version form where the previous required KPI's such as customer & supplier ppm & OTIF, cost of non-quality etc. On page 11 the new form is requiring "Process performance" but not just a target & result, but the efficiency target & actual then the effectiveness target & actual. The measures we have in place are of the process effectiveness but not the efficiency.

Our processes are:-
1 Quotation, 2 Order & project launch, 3 Supplier selection & approval, 4
Product development, 5 Manufacturing process development, 6 Manufacturing process change, 7 Product approval, 8 Production planning, 9 Purchasing & supplier monitoring, 10 Series production, 11 Management Review.

Is CB's interpretation of the standard correct & hence I need to create/contrive efficiency measures against each process? Or is the process effectiveness (but not efficiency) metrics only compliant.
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Unfortunately you need two metrics for each. One for efficiency and one for effectiveness. Been that way for several years now. So, yep you need to add a few measures. It's nuts because some of your processes may not readily lend themselves to both. Try to combine and reuse when possible. We try to use a special margin calculation for a lot of efficiency measures. Also, shipment performance can be good for effectiveness of many processes. Good luck.

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Thanks Golfman
We have got away without meeting the efficiency requirement to date, but no longer.

I believe I can use our current KPI's (customer & supplier OTIF & PPM, premium freight) for some of our processes.

Where there is a timing requirement then I use that as the efficiency metric & effectiveness metric is initial completion of the core task so for:-

Product development process
Part process approval right first time - Effectiveness
Submitted date complies to timing plan - Efficiency

Management review process
Scorecards >90% - Effectiveness
Business Net margin to target - Efficiency

I'll know if this has worked or not by the end of next week
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