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Does anyone have, or know where, I could find a template to start from? We are currently registered to TS, but it looks like clauses have been shuffled around and added. Our original manual is pitiful and I would like to start over, but I would like to start of with the bones in the right places and as much of a head start as I can get. Thanks


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Current one, prepared for ISO/TS 16949.
1. Purpose
2. Abbreviations
3. Locations
- manufacturing sites
- remote supporting functions
4. QMS Scope (no exclusions in our case)
5. List of procedures
6. System process interactions
- table process inputs/outputs
- scope (listing) of remote supporting functions
- scope (listing) of outsourced processes
7. Matrix ISO/TS 16949 requirements/internal processes
14 pages, but with potential to squeeze thanks to formatting.

New one will be bigger due to process interactions. Instead of one table, there will be separate cards for each system process, including inputs, outputs, risks/opportunities and indicators.
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Hi Jimmy,
Did you track down or establish your own IATF manual ?
Would you be so kind as to forward me a copy of what you have. I'm trying to catch up with the rest of the pack.

zoom zombie

Good morning, I too would appreciate a copy. I'm currently re-writing ours and it'd be nice to have a goal or focal point.


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Structure of our quality manual you already know.
Now I have attached template used for presentation of processes interactions following drawn processes map. It is simple table with inputs, process name, outputs, indicators - Diagram.pdf. Each process has own colour, so inputs you connect with process by its background colour. Process steps were sometimes documented through procedures, sometimes by individual documents and records.

Due to IATF 16949 I've decided to shake it out and prepare individual schemes for all system processes.
Please find attached process card currently used by us - Process card.pdf.
What is missing here is document with action plan to address risks and opportunities. Structure will be probably like this:
Risk/opportunity -> Prevention/Enhancing -> Person in Charge -> Timing -> Status


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Urgently requesting last minute assistance for a company I am working with. They have scheduled their IATF audit for 12/22/2017 however their previous Quality Rep quit with no notice. Upon a process review, he did absolutely nothing towards preparing for IATF. Does anyone out there have a general copy of a Quality Manual that complies with IATF? Necessary SOP's as well would be great. We would pay for them at this point. Thanks.


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If they did nothing to upgrade to the new standard they are toast. Best to reschedule the audit. It's really not something you can cut and paste from someone else. Good luck.

Kiran Walimbe

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Instead of using the Process Card format, I feel a simple turtle diagram which is the back bone of VDA 6.3 process mapping (before identifying risks) will be a simpler option.
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