IATF 16949 Recording inspection results



My systems engineer has advised me that variable/attribute data must be recorded during inspection (Incoming, In process, Final checks) according to IATF 16949.
I have questioned this but have had no feedback, I would just like to understand where I stand as it would add an unnecessary burden if not required.
Also I find it excessive work for when some inspection are as simple as a length check with a vernier (in comparison to the other end of the scale using CMM to measure 350+ dimensions).

As per our internal process documentation, inspection results are recorded on a log (excel spreadsheet) which state the deposition (ok/nok), is there a problem with this?
I would appreciate any feedback, thank you.

Howard Atkins

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As per the standard Monitoring and measurement of manufacturing processes

d) records of actual measurement values and/or test results for variable data;

Attribute data is OK/NOK

This has also been a Ford requirement for a long time


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These days, almost any digital caliper or micrometer or indicator can be quickly and easily connected directly to a computer and data entered directly into your Excel sheet or other software at the push of a button. No added burden at all, really, since you are making the measurements anyway if I read your post correctly. Having the data and being able to analyze it has great value for monitoring and improving your processes. And you will find continual improvement is a requirement also.
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