IATF 16949 Supplier Management - Supplier Tooling Requirements



For the new standard (IATF 16949) are we required to monitor / evaluate etc tooling suppliers? Our company manufactures connectors and terminals (we do stamping, injection molding, and assembly) do we need to include the 50+ companies that make tooling / inserts etc for us?

We currently only monitor our main suppliers, companies that we outsource for molding, plating, coil stock, and packaging.

in Supplier quality management system development It states

The organization shall require their suppliers of automotive products and services to develop, implement, and improve a quality management system certified to ISO 9001, unless otherwise authorized by the customer [e.g., item a) below], with the ultimate objective of becoming certified to this Automotive QMS Standard. Unless otherwise specified by the customer, the fallowing sequence should be applied to achieve this requirement:

I guess my question is, what is considered a supplier / what "services" are they referring to?


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I would hang on the "automotive products and services" language and say they don't provide it to you. As long as you bring in the tooling, inserts, etc. and verify yourself you should be ok.
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