IATF 16949 - What to do if external auditor won't accept our root cause?


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Around 2 weeks ago we finally had closure, both to to the audit and the mental stress of all this.

We did take on several of the points suggested and did elevate.

To explain the full detail of all the findings would be worthless, but I have taken the below key points, which I would suggests to anyone in a similar situation:
1) Try to work with the auditor (which we always did)
2) If it gets to a point where the auditor can't or won't understand what you want to do then do not waste time & effort with them; instead 'smile/relax' and take a 2 step approach
- Step 1: Spend the minimum amount of time possible 'creating' something to tick the box to close the audit
- Step 2: (Totally separate to 'step 1) Spend you real time & effort in taking action that works for YOU and improves the way we work to prevent issues moving forward.

We have a new auditor next time, hopefully we will return to professional & useful audits!
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