IATF Internal Audit how to determine risk

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Thanks for that insight. While things have worked for the company so far, I inherited a messy system and our current metrics are in need of some updating. I hoped that this could give me a good starting point.
I suppose that's why the clause also states "The frequency of audits shall be reviewed and, where appropriate, adjusted based on occurrence of process changes, internal and external nonconformities, and/or customer complaints" and reviewed in the management reviews. Wouldn't reviewing this for efficiency make it not as "static"? Or am I interpreting things wrong...

I'm not sure I understand how the term "efficiency" fits. It's all about prioritizing as result of risk based thinking. Risk is the key term.

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Not in the manufacturing worlds I've been in for the last 30 years. Management will tell you the symptoms they hear about or are reported in KPIs, not the process details that need monitoring.
That's my point! Audits can be used to identify the process details...
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