IATF ADP - How to proceed for new auditor qualification


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I just got IATF ADP credentials to log in. There are different options available on ADP dashboard which includes modules and assessments.
I have completed Intro modules. Now a bit confused. Can someone guide me where to go now? Which module should be studied first?

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Hello guy,
Firstly you should go to IATF 16949:2016 Training module for understanding IATF 16949 requirements
and then rule 5th module

Wasabi from VN


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Dear sir,
So far, i have completed .Pre-study-knowledge exam-variant 1 & 2 because those were on top of screen and only I was to decide without any guidance.
To study further, there are four options under Modules. 1. IATF 16949, 2. Process approach, 3. Rules 5 4. NC Management. I am studying one by one.
Now, I have some questions. Please answer.
Q1. Is it necessary to click on 'close this module' button which appears at the last screen of each module (on all previous screen it in 'Next Screen')
Q2. Are these modules part of assessment? How will it affect my exam result if i click on wrong option in learning modules?
Q3. When i shall be able to start assessments which appear on bottom of screen. There are two assessments -'Application assessment 5' & "Knowledge assessment'


Pre-study-knowledge exam-variant 1 & 2 is for IATF 16949 auditor , who spent exam already
So IATF 16949 training, process approach understanding, NC management module is better for you

Q1 It is necessary to click "close this module" for view your result
Q2 Yes these are module part of assement, but you can retake again
Q3 When you finish, the result is shown on two assessments "Application assessment ' & "Knowledge assessment'

Wasabi from VN
Thank you dear Wasabi.

Hi Rameswar and Wasabi,
My Name is Metin, I am preparing myself for becoming Certification Body Auditor for IATF 16949:2016 QMS,
I did not received My Access Rights to ADP Auditor Dev.Process yet, but I am going to get these in short while.

Can anyone help me for below questions;
1.SPC Questions ; Are these a Case Study Based Questions , Or some Definition alike questions , Questions Lİke Mean,Standart Deviation,
USL,LSL, do we need to calculate something
How many Questions for MSA and SPC , FMEA ,
Can you give a little clue how to prepare and do you know some sources online to study
Helping is Good


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Although you need to read three core tools manuals (SPC. MSA and FMEA) many times before accessing ADP, you will be provides sample questions for study in various modules on ADP.
After going through modules on ADP, you will be asked to pass some quizzes. These quizzes will appear in ADP only after you have completed the training modules.
Online material will confuse you. there is nothing like that which can be helpful. Your DEEP understanding of core tools, standards is must. It is suggested to undergo training from an expert.

Apart from SPC, MSA and FMEA, you need to read following:
1. ISO 9001, IATF 1694 standards (with latest SIs and FAQs)
2. Rule book 5 (with latest SIs and FAQs)
3. IATF 16949 auditor guide third edition.
These three are very very important to pass application assessment.

Case studies are available on ADP for study.


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1.SPC Questions ; Are these a Case Study Based Questions , Or some Definition alike questions , Questions Lİke Mean,Standart Deviation,
Although, all questions on SPC will be objective type in knowledge assessment (to chose one correct answer from given four), there could be a case study during application assessment involving SPC/MSA/FMEA.
Thanks for so many information.
1. I am applying for IATF16949 auditor's exam. Before the training and the examination, there is a on-line test. Could you please elaborate on the on-line test, like how many questions, what the time allotted, what is the distribution pattern of marks among, the standard, rule book and core tools.
2. Where can I get the sample question papers.
Best regards.

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